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The China Study
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The China Study
Comments anyone?

The one part I most strongly agree with is the statement that high animal protein intake contributes to a lot of diseases. This goes back to the arachidonic acid, which is pro-inflammatory. And inflammation has been shown to contribute to various diseases.

But I disagree with the claim that high meat diets rob the bones of calcium due to acidosis. Again acidosis is very rare since the body has redundant systems to maintain pH to keep the body from going too acid or alkaline. Some meats and dairy can lead to bone loss though. This is due to the high phosphorus content though, not from acidosis or even from depleting vitamin D as the author claims. The high phosphorus content causes the calcium loss from bone. When phosphorus levels increase too high in the blood the parathyroid glands respond by releasing parathyroid hormone (PTH), which releases calcium from the bones to balance out the calcium-phosphorus ratio in the blood.
06-27-2012 02:30 AM
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