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Do saturated fats really cause disease?
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Do saturated fats really cause disease?
Again this is one of those things where there is a lot more to the story than is being told.

First of all there are different saturated fats. And they can affect the body differently.

More importantly though is to keep in mind that we cannot always make determinations of safety based on an isolate. For example, cholesterol levels are really irrelevant as to the risk of heart disease. Why? Simple, because cholesterol itself does not cause heart disease. Cholesterol is a healing agent for the body. It accumulates in areas of injury within the body. Thus, when there is arterial inflammation the cholesterol floods the area to help with healing the injury. When the source of injury and inflammation is not removed the cholesterol keeps flooding the area and depositing. So the cholesterol is like an empty gun, harmless on its own. Inflammation is the bullet that works with the cholesterol to cause the damage.

Applying this back to fats, there are some fats that reduce inflammation, and thus reduce the formation of arterial plaque. And there are some that promote inflammation, such as arachidonic acid (AA), and thus contribute to arterial plaque. But again it does not do this alone. Cholesterol can deposit without inflammation. AA cannot deposit cholesterol if the cholesterol is not present. So there is a synergy to promote arterial plaque.

Do saturated fats cause diseases in humans? Maybe not by themselves, but the real question is do they cause diseases in the presence of other co-factors?

Another question yet to be answered is whether or not the saturated fats are getting the rap for the damage created by unsaturated fats? When discussing the dangers of saturated fats there is frequently mention of animal fats. But animal fats include the unsaturated fatty acid AA, which is known for leading to heart disease and other health issues due to its inflammatory nature.
06-27-2012 02:48 AM
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