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Cancer is an uncontrolled division of cells with specific genetic changes making them malignant. There are conditions where cells can develop uncontrolled growth without malignant changes such as benign tumors and psoriasis.

A common myth is that everyone has malignant cells. Though as stated above not all cellular overgrowths are malignant. If it were true that everyone had malignant cells then we would all be in serious trouble since the immune system has an extremely difficult time detecting and destroying malignant cells.

Another common myth is that malignant cells can survive in the absence of oxygen. In reality, malignant cells are highly reliant on oxygen for survival and die in the absence of oxygen. In fact, both healthy cells and malignant cells rely on both anaerobic glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation for energy production. The main difference here is that malignant cells have a very irregular vascular development reducing their utilization of oxygen by oxidative phosphorylation somewhat.

It was long believed that malignant cells were completely anaerobic and that they produced lactic acid as a byproduct of fermentation. These hypotheses have since been disproven. As pointed out previously malignant cells rely on oxygen for survival. And in the process of energy production they produce the non-acidic salt of lactic acid known as lactate. The extracellular acidity of malignant tumors comes from the acidic protons exported by cancer cells to protect themselves from the acidity that would kill them.

The most common triggers for malignancies are microbes, especially viruses. Bacterial and fungal-based malignancies are less common. Other common causes of malignancies include carcinogens including chemotherapy drugs, radiation exposure including radiation therapy, and hormones, especially xenoestrogens (herbicides, pesticides, some plastics, dioxins from paper mills, etc.) and estrogen replacement therapy. Parasitical infections may cause some cancers though these forms of cancer are extremely rare. Human genetics are believed to play a role in the development of some cancers, though the evidence for this hypothesis is very weak. Many of the so-called oncogenes (cancer genes) have actually been discovered to be of viral, not human, origin. By inserting their DNA in to healthy cells the viruses change the chemistry of the cell, and stimulate the overproduction of cellular division hormones.

Many herbs have antitumor effects through different mechanisms.

Chaparral prevents the cellular division of malignant cells, and is a strong antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal agent. Chaparral boosts the immune system by raising vitamin C levels in the adrenal glands and is the strongest natural antioxidant known.

Pau d' arco (lapacho, ipe roxo, tabuei, taheebo) is another excellent anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal herb, though it is more suited for leukemias and lymphomas. Combining chaparral and pau d' arco together increases the antiviral effect of the pau d' arco.

Myrrh kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Myrrh also stimulates white blood cell activity due to the polysaccharides in the herb and blocks the spread of malignant cells by blocking the enzyme hyaluronidase.

Poke root is another very important herb for the treatment of cancer, though it should be used with caution since it can be toxic. Poke root contains a protein called PAF (poke activating factor) that is structurally similar to interferon. Though unlike interferons PAF is not tissue specific. In other words interferons only work for the same tissues they were derived from, which is why interferon therapy rarely works. Since PAF is not tissue specific it will have an interferon-like effect on all tissues. I like to combine amla berries with the poke root for a synergistic effect.

Amla berry is rich in stable vitamin C. Vitamin C supports the immune system through the adrenal glands and the thymus gland. Vitamin C is also required for the activation of white blood cells. Amla destroys viruses, bacteria, and fungi, all of which have been linked to the formation of cancers. The synergy between amla and poke occurs because amla increases the levels of an enzyme, known as superoxide dismutase (SOD) about 80%. SOD responds to the presence of interferons, or in this case PAF, by producing hydrogen peroxide, which activates white blood cells including natural killer (NK) cells that destroy detectable malignant cells and destroys some oncogenic microbes.

Nettle leaves remove lactate from the body so it is not converted back in to glucose through the Cori cycle.
Juniper berries contain an insulin-like compound that lowers the blood sugar. Therefore both nettle leaves and juniper berries help to starve the cancer cells.

Various mushrooms have shown strong antitumor properties including maitake, shiitake, reishi, oyster, agaricus, black fungus, enoki, and artist's conk. My personal favorites are the mushrooms turkey tails and chagas. Turkey tails contain two separate polysaccharides, polysaccharides K and P that stimulate white blood cell activity. Turkey tails contain the highest level of organic germanium of all the mushrooms. Organic germanium helps the cells to utilize oxygen and been demonstrated to be highly antitumor. Chagas are not well known, but in my opinion this black conk mushroom has the strongest antitumor properties of all the mushrooms. Chagas not only contain immune stimulating polysaccharides, but also contains high levels of betulinic acid, another compound shown to have extremely high antiviral and antitumor activity.

Suma is the highest herbal source of organic germanium. Suma also supports immunity through the adrenal glands.
Several other herbs that are not well known, thought that have shown strong antitumor activity, are andrographis and jiaogulan. I also highly recommend turmeric, which has been shown to stop cancer growth through various mechanisms.

Recommended minerals are 50mg zinc daily, 200mcg selenium three times daily, and 40mg organic germanium three times daily all with meals. When using germanium make sure that it is organic germanium (Bis betacarboxyethylgermanium sesquioxide), and not elemental germanium or germanium dioxide, both of which are highly toxic to the kidneys.

For supplemental vitamins I recommend 1,000mg of vitamin C with bioflavonoids 3 times daily with meals. Amla berry is the preferred source of vitamin C since the vitamin C in amla is stabilized by the polyphenols in the berries, and it is 12 times stronger than synthetic vitamin C. Most of the vitamin C on the market is synthesized from sugar, and is not very stable and therefore breaks down fairly quickly.

Ozone therapy is the most effective, and one of the safest, therapies I have found for cancer. Ozone works through several mechanisms:

  1. Direct destruction of malignant cells from peroxide overload. Unlike healthy cells cancerous tumors lack the antioxidant enzymes (catalase, peroxidases and superoxide dismutase) needed to break down peroxides. Since malignant cells cannot break down peroxides the high levels of hydrogen and lipid peroxides produced during ozone therapy swell the malignant cells until they burst apart. Healthy cells use their antioxidant enzymes to break these peroxides down in to water and oxygen and therefore are not harmed by therapeutic levels of ozone. In one German study malignant tumors directly injected with ozone were completely destroyed within 5 minutes with no damage to surrounding healthy tissues.
  2. Destruction of malignancy forming microbes, xenoestrogens and many other carcinogens.
  3. Removal of lactate.
  4. Stimulation of the immune system by increasing levels of interferons, interleukins, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), peroxides and superoxide dismutase. All of these stimulate white blood cell activity helping to support proper immunity.

For further information I recommend reading The Use of Ozone in Medicine (highly technical, written for doctors), or Oxygen Healing Therapies. Ozone can be harmful if administered improperly. Only minute concentrations can be used internally, and it must be produced with pure oxygen for internal use. In addition it is recommended that only cold corona ozone generators be used for internal use, and never a hot corona or ultraviolet (UV) unit. Hot corona and UV units are for external use only. I have seen some units being sold as cold corona units that were actually hot corona, so it is important to learn how to tell the difference and to buy from a reputable company.

Cancer patients should eliminate sugars from their diets as much as possible. Sugars suppress white blood cell activity and elevated blood sugar can promote malignant growth. Farm raised meats and dairy should be avoided because of hormones and antibiotics in these products and because of the formaldehyde found in homogenized milk. Aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet) should be avoided because aspartame breaks down quickly under body heat and other heat sources releasing highly toxic methanol. Methanol then metabolizes in to formic acid, an organ irritant, and strongly carcinogenic formaldehyde. Peanuts should be avoided since they tend to contain high levels of aflatoxins produced from a fungus known as Aspergillus niger. Aflatoxins are well known for causing liver malignancies in immunosuppressed people.

The diet should consist primarily of vegetables, especially those in the cabbage family, which contain antitumor compounds. Seeds are also beneficial because they contain antiviral protease inhibitors.

I recommend drinking plenty of spring water, not distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water. Distilled and RO water are very solvent and therefore can pull beneficial minerals from the body. If you are going to use distilled or RO water I recommend adding trace mineral drops or silica to the water first so it loses some of its solvency. Spring water is less solvent and provides beneficial minerals. As an alternative to water I recommend rooibos (red tea, honey bush), which is rich in an immune stimulating compound similar to superoxide dismutase. Rooibos is also low in tannins and therefore will not interfere with the absorption of medications, herbs or nutrients like green tea and other high tannin sources can.

Sample Formula
Pau d' arco
Red clover blossom
Nettle leaf
Licorice root
Poke root
Juniper berry

3 parts
2 parts
2 parts
2 parts
2 parts
2 parts
2 parts
2 parts
2 parts
1 part
1 part
1 part
1 part

All of these herbs should be blended together thoroughly to make the formula. The recommended dosage is 1/2 teaspoon taken 3 times daily on an empty stomach a minimum of 30 minutes before eating a meal. The formula can be mixed in a small amount of unsweetened cinnamon applesauce to make it more palatable.
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