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Cellulite is caused from a breakdown of connective tissue.  In the under layer of skin is an area formed from collagenous fibers known as septae.  In men this layer is crossed like a net giving it a great deal of strength.  In women this layer is not crossed, but rather layered, which makes it more prone to tears, and loss of elasticity.  When tears, or loss of elasticity, occur in the septae, the underlying fat pushes up creating the dimpled look, known as cellulite.  This is why cellulite is rarely seen in men.

The most important factor in treating cellulite therefore is addressing the connective tissue strength. The best supplements for strengthening connective tissue are silica, vitamin C and sulfur.  Zinc and copper are needed in trace amounts as catalysts for the production of collagen.  Nettle leaf is a good source of all of these nutrients.  Gotu kola is another herb commonly used to strengthen connective tissues.

Circulation to the area is also very important.  Blood helps to carry toxins out of the body, which can otherwise convert to fat so they can be stored safely.  The problem is that increased fat deposits will put more stress on the connective tissue increasing the risk of damage.  An easy way to help increase circulation and to remove toxins is to use a loofah sponge in the shower to briskly rub the area.  This will turn the area red by dilating capillaries and increasing blood flow.  After blood flow has been increased in the area push lightly from below the area upward towards the heart.  The same goes when you go to towel off.  The reason for this is there are one way valves in veins.  If you try to push the blood away from the heart you will just back up the blood against the valves and stretch out and damage the veins.  Therefore, your movements should always be back towards the heart.
I also recommend the herb butcher’s broom since it is a good silica source, and it helps to improve circulation.

Remember to stay away from stimulants such as cigarettes and caffeine as these decrease vitamin C levels in the body further weakening the connective tissue.


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